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[11] wallpapers multifandom post: SGA, SG-1, House, due South

[1] Stargate Atlantis (Lorne/Weir)
[1] House MD (House/Wilson)
[5] Stargate SG-1 wallpapers (1 Team'ish, 4 Jack/Daniel)
[4] due South (Fraser/Kowalski)

*comment if you take, hate or love the wallpaper
*no hotlinking, no altering, no reposting without my permission
*let me know which one you like best :D


made for el_gilliath! 1024x768 size coming tomorrow.

Stargate Atlantis

made for dana_cz!

Stargate SG-1

birthday gifty for kellifer_fic!

birthday gifty for ivorygates!

due South

made for sapote3!

RESOURCES: screencaps/pics: *am looking for user/comm person where I snagged the dS caps*, dana_cz (for the L/W handholding manip) textures/brushes: awmp, dearest, elli, inxsomniax, vered

Feel free to watch faerycircle for further pretty updates.


Oh, these are so beautiful!

Tough to pick a favorite, but I think the right-hand 'Lost City' one with the arch of gate on top might be it -- love the coloring and the blending and the arrangement of the elements. I also love the one for ivorygates. And the House one. But they all rock.

*twitters happily and smooches*
These are gorgeous. I took all the DS ones. Thank you!
These are gorgeous.
Gorgeous, especially the Weir/Lorne and the first SG-1.
I am not taking any, but I just wanted to let you know that I think they are all very good. Some of the best wallpapers I've seen in a while. Particularly liked your SG-1 wallpapers.

Thanks! I'm glad you like!
*squeal* OMG, I luff it! *smishes* Thank you! :)

Heeeeeee! *squishes you!* I'm glad! Did you see I even used your manip?? I think it's perfect for you. :D
Yesh and I squealed so hard. :D Thank you again! :*
And I may never get any work done again because I will be right here.

Staring at my desktop.


Heeeeeeeee. *hugs you*

Those are all brilliant! And Lorne is in one! No-one ever makes wallpapers with Lorne in :D
I'm nabbing the Lorne/Elizabeth wallpaper and the first and last due South wallpapers.

omgyouriconmakesmedead. *jaw drops and pokes it with a high pitched giggle*

I am glad you like the wallpapers and yesh, I love Lorne lots. I know I have another Lorne/Weir wallpaper somewhere in the mass of untagged fanart in my regular journal I could try to dig it up for you if you're interested. thank you for the comment!
Yes, I like that icon too :D Unfortunately I cannot claim credit, it was made for me by a friend.

I would love to see your other Lorne/Weir wallpaper. Lorne rules!!
Love Lorne/Weir wallpaper! It is allready in my desktop!!
You make a very fantastic work!!
Thank you!
The due South ones are beautiful, I really love them- taking all three, because I can't decide which I like more *g*
uh, by three i mean 4 *hides*
i loved the dS wallpapers -- #2 for the placement of the images, #3 for the words and the colors, and #4 for the colors and the lolz :D

thank you for sharing these! ♥

fun fact: the words on #3 come from a Paul Gross song. Not that I can recall which particular song but yeah. :D

Taken the 2nd and 4th of the due South ones.

Many thanks :D
Wow. Talk about pretties. I absolutely love mine, but the rest as well.

Shit you're talented.
Beautiful wallpapers! I'm snagging the Sam, Daniel & Vala one, if you don't mind. :)
These are beautiful; love the House & Wilson one, and Elizabeth/Lorne.. ♥
I loved the due South ones. I'm shopping for a new desktop and these dS backgrounds are perfect. You do such wonderful things with colours! And that last one is a hoot. Thanks for making these available!
you have a wonderful way of creating a lovely patina of personality, color and imagery.
Gorgeous wallpapers! It's so hard to find ones that fit my screen, and you have several here. Am snagging the house one; thank you!