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[5] House/Wilson wallpapers

[5] House/Wilson wallpapers

*comment if you take, hate or love the wallpapers
*don't alter, hotlink please
*don't archive or repost without my permission
*comment! Let me know which one you like best! ;)

RESOURCES: elli, dearest, inxsomniax, myself.


Love the layout of the All In one. Still using one you made me previously thought (The Jesus/Judas one, because it motivates me to write).
Using the All In one. Possibly my favorite episode. :D They're all great, though. It was a hard choice between that one and the fourth one.
Damn, I love them all. I was just wishing for a new wallpaer. I think I want the last one, but it's really difficult to choose all are super!
oooh, gorgeous! i particularly love the textures you on the first one. saving the first two, thank you! :)
WOW all are wonderful!!! *O*
i'm using "All in" i saw it and I fallen in love...XD
great job!!!


bye :D
Love the 3rd and 5th ones. The blending and coloring is lovely. Nice textures, too. :D
Love, love, LOVE the 'All In' one.
Bejesus!!!! These are gorgeous. I have to say that I totally heart "all in the name of love" so perfect. I am fascinated with Wilson's mouth. Mem'ng NOW!!!!!
These are Fantastic!! I really LOVE the "All In" one and the 4th!! Awsome job!
Ahhh, pretty! Will be saving them to test out once I am sick of my newest desktop :)
nabbed All In <3 very pretty :3
Wonderful! Snagged 2-5, thanks for sharing!
Pretty damn awesome!! *saves*
i love them all.
5th one is my favorite.
I love the third and fifth ones. I really really do.
Taken all five, thanks, great work!
These are all really pretty! I especially love the All In one.
Love them all. V. pretty!
Snagged #3 and #4, but all of them are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm experiencing a great deal of talent envy...*scowls* But seriously, they're beautiful...like frickin poetry in desktop friendly form. My computer's gonna look so damn classy wearing one of these...shame I don't have 5 screens really...
Oooh, in love with the "conversation" one, and promptly put it on my desktop. Lovely wallpapers!
Really nice :D

I like all of them (but specially the 'All In'). Thanks for sharing them with us!

*hugs you*
Love the 4th one, they look so vulnerable!
Snagged the 3rd one =)


Wow, these are very beautiful!! Good Job ;)