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[2] Heroes related wallpapers

I've been sick for what seems like forever, and I've been so preoccupied with vidding, writing and school that I haven't monkeyed around in photoshop in eons. I have approximately 11 Quinto wallpapers in various states of pretty because--well, I think that GQ photoshoot from Taiwan is what took my voice away, and not the cold bug that's been killing me dead for seven days straight.

It's nearly 7AM and I haven't slept yet because I slept all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. SO. Some fanart for the peanut gallery. There's definitely been prettier stuff coming out of my photoshop, but it's been awhile! So give a girl a break if it's not as good as some of my older artsies.

[1] Molly, Matt & Mohinder (or what fandom affectionally calls M3, awww)
[1] Zachary Quinto from Jimmy Kimmel Live

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comment if you hate, take, love or trample the wallpaper
don't repost/archive without my permission
please don't altar the graphics, at least not without my permission. I'm okay with that now
comments make me happy

credits: inxsomniax, vered, elli, dearest.


xDDD The Quinto wallpaper is full of LOL. ♥
Aww, I love the first one. So cute and pretty. And the second one is hilarious. XD