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Stockpile of Heroes Fanart

[6] LJ headers (1 Dania & Zach, 3 Zach, 2 Sasan)
[1] Sylar/Mohinder
[1] Sylar/Peter
[2] Adrian Pasdar/Nathan Petrelli
[5] Quinto/Sylar wallpapers

*comment if you take, hate, love the graphic
*credit if you use the header (link to faerycircle please)
*you can alter the graphic any way you see fit, just leave me a comment saying you're resizing/whatever and link me to your new creation!

Headers (click on it twice for full-size)


1400x900 available

1400x900 available

RESOURCES: dearest, xinsomniax, and a bunch of others I can't remember. Bad fanartist me.

Hope you like! Comments are looove.


Ooh the third banner is gorgeous!! And I love the wallpapers they are soo amazing :3
The Mylar wallpaper now lives happily on my MacBook. Thank you!
<3 Macbook.
I shall second this, because not many wallpaper makers make that size ... :DD Thanks! Am taking them all yes.
I really love the last one!
Grabbing some wallpapers, thanks!
Gorgeous graphics ^__^ they are all really good, I have nabbed a couple of your sylar/Zachary ones and the Mylar and peter/sylar one. Will credit if used any place ;)
Beautiful work. <3
Thanks or making the larger sized wallpapers.

You might want to pimp the Sas banners over at omg_sonotorious. :D

Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right. These are AWESOME. It just makes me even sadder that my laptop is away getting fixed because it's just BEGGING for some Sylar wallpaper when it gets back. XD
banners are great, very beautiful.........its been awhile since i made some....takes alot of time

great work
i grabbed several. they look amazing!
These wallpapers are AMAZING. My desktop is currently the 'have you ever been so low?' one :)
These are really pretty. I love how you've done the color.