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Fairy Green

kuwdora in faerycircle

[5] WALLPAPERS, Sam/Rodney, Daniel/Vala-John/Aeryn, John/Elizabeth

Art time!

[2] Sam/Rodney
[2] John/Elizabeth
[1] Daniel/Vala slash John/Aeryn fusion thingy

*comment if you take, hate or love the wallpapers
*don't alter, hotlink please
*don't archive or repost without my permission
*comment! Let me know which one you like best! ;)

this one's for jr_moon. It hope this makes you feel better. Remember that you are a wonderful, intelligent, creative woman. *hugs*

Feel free to notice how a lot of the brushwork flows out from John's crotch. It was entirely intentional, though I probably should have used a different color than yellow. BUT NEVERMIND THAT. look at the pretty! ;-)

this one's for eretria. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with your friends - and I wish I had this for you earlier! But better late than never, right?


RESOURCES: elli, dearest, inxsomniax, TouchstoneArt.


I think I love you. A lot.

THANK YOU!! This is absolutely, perfectly gorgeous.

I'm glad you like it. *Hugs you tight*

OMGOMGOMG! *hyperventilates* John and Lizzie! *squeals* *grabs and puts on desktop* Beautiful!
amazing work !!!! i really love all of them =)
guh.. I took both J/E walls.. those are really and truely gorgeous.

Is it possible, because I am incapable of doing this myself, that you'd sorta custom make a wallpaper for me? Like.. I say "sorta" because I'm not all that picky about colors and that stuff, but the size... I'm looking for a 600 x 400, John & Elizabeth center, surrounded on either side by Teyla, Ronon and Rodney that I can use at the top of my Live Journal as a header.

I guess if I had a color preference I'd say blue, the blue the color of the gate, but it's not that important.

Might you be willing to help??? It's a total frustration that I have PSP7 and can do nothing with it. I got it.. erm... less that legitimately and probably need to spring for a manual. Bt anyway.. it's very frustrating.