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Fairy Green

kuwdora in faerycircle

[8] wallpapers, due south, hard core logo, stargates, house, double happiness

[2] Stargate SG-1, (1 Jack, 1 Jack and Daniel)
[1] Stargate Atlantis (John/Rodney)
[2] House (1 House, 1 House/Wilson)
[1] due South (Fraser/RayK)
[1] Double Happiness
[1] Hard Core Logo (Joe, Billy)

*comment if you take hate or love
*don't hotlink
*please don't alter or archive without my permission
*also read the speshul announcement at the bottom of the post!

RESOURCES: dearest, awmp, myself, vered, inxsomniax, colorfilter, Resurge textures, New Atlantis (RIP).

I'd also like to remind everyone that I've put my graphic skills up for auction for Sweet Charity! The proceeds of this auction is going to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) so it is a VERY good cause.

Sweet Charity

If you win me, I will make you 3 wallpapers of your choice, or a combination of wallpapers/icons/fic cover art/livejournal headers. You can take a stroll through my gallery for further examples of my art in the various fandoms. On the Sweet Charity For Sale page I am listed under kuwdora with more information on the graphicy services I'm going to provide to ONE VERY LUCKY PERSON.

:D :D :D

Auction lasts until September 22nd!


Snagging the friendship wall, thanks :)
taking house/wilson - nice :)
"No ship like friendship"...awwwwww.
Cool! Nabbing the DS one; thank you!
The John/Rodney one is simply gorgeous, I absolutely love the colors. Also? I can't believe I'm such a geek that I recognized the brushes you used (because I use them and a few other Vered brushes almost exclusively). :)
I took the HCL one, very nice colors, how did you make them ?
Hi, taking the Due South wallpaper, thanks!